The Management School London has pleasure in inviting your officials to attend the Strategic Government Public Relations and Communication Management programme to be held at Imperial Hotel, London from 15th – 19th July, 2019 and 14th – 18th October, 2019.

The Strategic Government Public Relations and Communication Management programme is designed for ALL Government officials especially those responsible for Public Relations and Communication in government. Other Government officials will find the programme very rewarding. The focus of the Programme is on how to leverage Public Relations and Communication to enhance the efficient management of Government . The programme will examine Government Public Relations practice in National, States and Local Government and their challenges. The use of Public Relations research, strategic planning and evaluation to monitor stakeholders’
expectations and measure return on investment in Government Public Relations.

The programme will examine Reputation risk, exposure of Government and how to prevent and minimize risk. Integrated Marketing Communication for State and Local Government management. The programme content includes investment promotion, tourism promotion and the marketing of Government services. A key area to be examined is organizational Development and Reform in Government management and the support expected from Public Relations and Communication in change management.

Who Should Attend?
* Permanent Secretaries responsible for Government Information and Communication Management
* Special adviser to Govt. on media, PR & information
* Directors and Deputy Directors of Information in Government and Government agencies, Public Relations and Communication of Government agencies.
* Head of Government Public Relations depts
* Chief Press Secretaries in Government
* Heads and Deputy Heads of Government Information Departments Senior Public Relations Officials
* Heads, Deputy Heads & Senior Protocol Officials
* Public Relations and Communication Officials in Central, States and Local Governments.
* State Government liaison officers
* Officials of Government Ministry of Information & Communication
* Heads and Senior Public Relations Officers of Parliament, House of Representatives, Senate and House of Assembly
* Public Relations Officials of Ministries
* Heads, Deputy Heads and Senior Communication and Marketing Communication Officers in Central, State and Local Governments
* Directors of Protocol, Deputy, Principals, Senior Protocol Officers in Govt.
* Local Government Public Relations Officials